Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Low Cost, Great Service Electronic Design

Best guys in the business as far as we are concerned...
Successful Endeavours are a remarkable bunch; they have been working tirelessly to help us in the development of our CPL2 Data logger product.

Our product was no more than a concept at the time we first met Ray who has been with us on the process since that day. We've develop not only the product but also a great friendship, companies like this are rare to find especially in the age of computerized detachment we live in. We are glad to recommend our Engineers and more than that, our friends! 

CPL2 started as a humble low budget project for our clients in the asset management industry to meet their need for a local Cathodic Potential survey equipment manufacturer.  CPL2 corrosion monitoring logger soon became a state of the arts instrument, Ray and his team have done such an amazing job that our CP Logger was awarded by EDN on two of 7 categories for Best Application Of Analogue Design & Best Application Of Design Software in 2009

Ray is the kind of person who looks for long term relationship with his clients, not the one hit, get as much as you can and run approach but a true business entrepreneur and developer who really knows how to develop long lasting value for your business.

My observation is that during our development process they always took into consideration our strengths and weaknesses, especially since our budget was very restrictive. The development, component sourcing and manufacturing was always balanced both in pricing and time.

Although most of the electronics was very cheap and low cost in comparison to other company quotes, the quality was never diminished in any way, especially in the service and support department. In short we have seen some tough times in business but it has always been good to know we have someone looking out for us...

Thanks guys hope you get lots of clients.
Low cost Electronics Design/Engineering

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